Leader Fundraiser Toolkit

Step 1- Connect & Thank

Connect with your friends, family, and community members. Update them on your trauma healing course. Is this your 10th time to lead or your first? What is the need like in your community? How many families will you be able to help through your course?

Who has helped you along the way? Make sure to personally thank everyone who has supported you either financially or through prayer.

Step 2- Request support

Your Leader Fundraiser will be live for 3 weeks. In addition to social media posts, make sure to directly ask your friends, family, and community members for support. Requests for support are most effective when you share your story and the true need you are trying to fill in your community by leading a REBOOT trauma healing course. Below, I've drafted some sample requests for support that you can copy and personalize.

General request

My story

General request text message


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